April 4, 2017

Do blogs matter?

In the old days, your blog or your website was your digital representation online. It was your brand. The clear place where you could share your voice and your thoughts.

It feels so quaint now, typing a post in Blogger on this 2012 MacBook Pro. But in an age of rapid change, it's nice to write something in a place that will stick around as long as I'd like.

This episode of the a16z podcast reminded me how fast our online identities have changed in the last 20 years, and how much it used to mean to me to keep up with Google Reader and the blogroll.

Each wave of change in personal communication leads to:

  • cheaper tools for creating content
  • more content produced
  • more content producers
  • more content types
  • bigger content types
  • more frequent production
When you add them together, any app you use to read, listen, watch, or experience is going to be overwhelmed when the next wave comes. The next app comes out, culture moves on, and the old thoughts, LiveJournals, Vines, MySpaces, and Twitters fade away. 

This is my blog, on a domain I control, with no ads. My thoughts are the product. The value is questionable, but at least the price is free.