September 1, 2013

EPM in a Merger

Two great tastes that taste great together. 
My company became GrubHub Seamless a few weeks ago. I am excited and proud to be part of the integration team: a group of six people that serves all of our employees by facilitating conversations, writing project plans, measuring success, and communicating A LOT.

In my career, I've been on the acquired side of M&A, the acquiring side, and now part of a straight-out merger. The first month is always very hard, because, by their nature, humans hate change and don't trust people they don't know. Leaders can plan for quick integration all they want to, but they will usually end up with several weeks of people feeling each other out, taking their time, delaying work and figuring out who they can trust–and who they can't. Luckily, meeting new people, earning their trust and digging into new projects with them are my favorite things to do. I visited all three of our US offices already in August, and I am looking forward to sharing lots of good work (and great food!) with my new friends in Salt Lake City and New York.