April 13, 2011

Celebrities matter too

I had a chance recently to have coffee with the author of one of my favorite books. It made my day. And he invited me!

Several months ago, I read the book Predictable Success by Les McKeown after hearing Les on a podcast I liked. I found the book very helpful, and thought it did a good job of explaining some of the situations my organization was facing.

I don't know why I did it, but I found his email address in the back of the book and wrote him to thank him for writing it and how his book had helped me understand my job better. He wrote me back hours later - thanking me for reading it and asking me to stay in touch! Months later, when he came to Chicago for a consulting appointment, we met for coffee.

As I get to know more writers, musicians, comedians. programmers and other creators/creatives, I'm finding that all of them, no matter how famous we might think they are, crave feedback from real people, and they appreciate it.  Twitter is the perfect example of this  - I've received replies from several people I would consider celebrities. Their jobs may seem mysterious, but it's all just work, and they like for it to be appreciated.

So, email your favorite author, or send a tweet to your favorite band. They'll appreciate it.