November 23, 2010

Contact tracking system

I've struggled for a long time to figure out how to keep track of my personal and professional contacts so I can keep in touch with them better. This is a quick description of how I do it at the moment, which seems to be working well.

1. Google Doc
Column A and B - Name - Columns for First and Last so I can sort easily

Column C - Priority - Based on Keith Ferrazzi's A/B/C guidance, I enter the frequency (in weeks) that they should be contacted. For A  contacts, it's 2, 6 for B and 12 for C.

Column D - Last Contact Date - I update this every day or two when I have had an interaction with people.

Column E - Next Contact Due - =Column D + 7*(Column C)

Column F - Overdue? if(Column E > Today's Date,1,0)

Format Column F to turn yellow if the value is 1.

Column G - Mention - here I put a note about whatever I need to mention or ask about next time.

2. iPhone - I save this page as a bookmark on my homepage so I can update info on the train or look for people who are overdue. Quick comment on Facebook or Twitter, invite to coffee, comment on their blog, etc. and I'm done.