March 24, 2010

Social Media

In my job, I am often asked about social media:

  • Should our church be on Twitter?
  • How do I make a Facebook page?
  • Do we need to redesign our website?

Social media is not a fad; these are very effective tools that people use to connect to each other and share ideas. Facebook, Twitter and the rest are places where people spend a lot of their free time and free attention.

Here's the thing - social media are only important if they help you accomplish your mission. If your organization doesn't need to grab people's attention or share ideas, then social media may not be that important. If your church or organization members can communicate through other means, then getting on Twitter may not be very useful as a communications tool.


If your mission is to change the world, then each new person you add to your cause can make all the difference. And sharing ideas with those people is crucial. If your mission is to change people's lives, then you may need to talk them using the media they are paying attention to.