February 15, 2010

This might be the last time!

Seth Godin:

This might be the last time you see me in your hotel.
It might be the last time you get to give me support on the $3,000 a month web hosting I'm buying from you.
With so many choices, every business lives right on the edge. When you were the only florist in my town, storming off in a huff cost me as much as it cost you. Now, it's sort of trivial to just type a few different letters into my browser.
Yes, switching costs make some people hesitate before moving to Firefox or KPMG or National Rent a Car. But when customers have been trained to no longer tolerate imperfection, they can go (forever) at any moment.
I try to give every speech I do like it might be the last chance I ever get to give one. I still remember the last canoe lesson I gave, the last time I walked out the door at my one real job and the last time I talked to my mom. Sometimes you get advance warning, sometimes you get to cherish the moment or try a bit harder. Other times, though, it just--stops.
If you know that tomorrow is your last chance, is it going to go differently?