February 15, 2010

EPM in hiring

The Manager Tools guys say it best: the worst thing that a manager or director can do is make a bad hire. Putting the wrong person in a position of responsibility can wreck your team, turn off customers, or turn off your followers and volunteers. 

We have systems to test the quality of raw materials coming in to our plants. We reject anything that is even a LITTLE off. We have non-destructive testing methods for inbound materials, and for our own manufacturing processes. Tolerances are incredibly tight. We have financial standards for investing capital that are incredibly rigorous, and monstrously difficult to prepare for at times. We have RIGID standards for EXPENSE REPORTING, for heaven's sake.
And then, for the most important decisions we make - personnel - we leave the decision to some senior manager who's never been trained, never been given feedback, is never held accountable, and mostly goes with her gut.

What is your hiring process? How does your organization deal with:

  • finding applicants
  • screening candidates
  • crafting interview questions
  • assessing top candidates
  • making offers
I highly recommend the Manager Tools guys and all of their podcasts about hiring and interviewing. Each person that you deal with during your process matters, and you better believe that the person you choose to hire will matter to your team.